Jan 1, 2011

Christmas Time!

Ok so Christmas has come and gone and I have left my blog to wither for far too long…. so here I am back and jet lagged as heck! So Christmas time was very interesting, very different but very interesting. I flew in on the 19th spent the evening getting reacquainted with my niece who will probably promptly forget who I am once again until the next time I come back and she has a faint recollection of when I visited last time. So good times on the 19th and then the 20th came and my sister and I went to go and pick up my mum and went to the States for some girl time and some mother/sister/daughter time. So after three days of madness and a bit too much spending of my hard earned bills, we ventured back to the land of reality and Christmas madness. On the 24th I went to a family Christmas time event at my sister’s boyfriend’s family’s house and had a wonderful Christmas dinner. Great food and wonderful wine! Which pretty much brings me to the big day…Christ’s birth, and family time, and presents. Then of course another dinner at my Uncle Mel and Auntie Sarah’s house which was amazing of course, along with some awesome cousin time. Trish had just flown in from Korea that day and Anne had just come back from New Zealand two days before and Shawna had also just come back from Korea for a bit so finally the fam was all back together and the cousins seem to be staying for the birth of their first nephew due to come into this world on the 1st of January…Happy New Year!! Boxing day was quite interesting as well since it’s the first one that I have not worked in the last decade, sweeeeeeetness! On the 27th I had a bit of a get together for all my friends since I was home for such a short time and I really wanted to see everyone I really tried hard to make sure I could somehow see everyone in one night since I was supposed to leave the next night. Unfortunately a lot of people couldn’t make it and some of the people I thought to be real friends sold out on me so that was that. On the 28th there was a baby shower for the up and coming little boy about to grace my Aunt and Uncle’s family, who knew someone could get so much stuff! Wooooo Jamie made a killing there I’m pretty sure she won’t have to buy anything for her little boy for like two years…maybe three!! After the parteeee I was supposed to be getting ready for my 2 am flight back to the HK unfortunately it got delayed not once, not twice, not three times but four times and so finally 14 and a half hours after I was supposed to leave I was getting on a plane with my oldest friend Sammy. So that pretty much brings my life up to date. I will be getting ready for New Years eve to go on a super awesome Junk boat and have some great fun watching fireworks and meeting some new peoples and having some bubbly. So far I have no idea what I’m going to wear but don’t worry I’ll be sure to keep you posted. Lol!

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