Oct 25, 2010

day 3 and 4 Haunted Halloween Disneyland and Ping Shan Heritage Walk

Day 3
Yeah yeah yeah Disneyland!!!! First of you need to understand that Disneyland is my favorite place on earth. I prefer the one in California cuz it's bigger and way more awesome than the one in Hong Kong but still I love it! This time it was a Halloween version of Disneyland. There were haunted houses, a tribal burial ground in Adventureland where zombies and the like come out of nowhere to scare the crap out of you, a halloween parade, and fireworks. We had so much fun and got scared really good about three or four times. We got there about 12 noon and didn't leave until 11pm so a good 11 hours of the happiest place on earth!!! And now some photos....Hooray!

Day 4 
So I decided to try something new and go to a part of Hong Kong that I have never even knew existed and what better part of Hong Kong to explore than the New Territories. So I took the new purple line all the way to the end (almost) and went a walking to find the Ping Shan Heritage trail. Of course I immediately got lost and went a walking the wrong way, I discovered a bog and acquired quite a few bug bites. I ended up walking through this small little village and accidentally found Ching Shu Hin which is a huge temple for the Tang Dynasty emperor and some of his descendants still live in this small poor village that smells distinctly like stale water and a sewer. Anyways after finding this temple I also found a trail map that showed me where all the other buildings were. the buildings i saw were the Tsui Shing Lau Pagoda, Sheung Cheung Wai, a Shrine of the Earth God, Yeung Hau Temple, an Old Well, Kun Ting Study Hall, Hung Shing Temple, Tang Ancestral Hall, Hall of Shut Hing Study Hall, and the Ping Shan Tang Clan Gallery. Although the last one is closed on Mondays. 
This place was pretty sweet cuz i literally felt like I had just gone to a different country, it might have smelled a bit and it was very odd that these super old and crumbling buildings had people living in them. Some of these people had no doors on their homes just a little curtain for a door, and there were these little shops with just the bare minimum of supplies no grocery shops. I may have felt a little out of place since these people have literally never or rarely seen anyone white enter into their little villages. I may or may not have also seen a little triad drug deal or something going down as they all looked a little mean, okay a lot mean, and were staring at me like i had just walked into someplace I shouldn't. I just discretely slipped my camera into my bag and calmly kept walking straight ahead. lol Anyways fun times and here are a few pics...

Oct 22, 2010

Day 2 Wong Tai Sin Temple

So today was the temple in Wong Tai Sin, it is massive and has all sorts of other buildings and gardens and stuff. There's a 9 dragon wall and a wishing garden and loads of temple buildings that I can't really remember the names of right now. I walked all through all the buildings and saw some cute little turtles and koy fish and it was beautiful and peaceful and they played some buddhist music all through the grounds. Then I went to a soothsayer, also known as a fortune teller or as the secretary at my work says an oracle. so having some Greek blood in me and feeling extremely sac-religious I am going to go with oracle, it sounds better to me. So here is what he said to me:
The oracle told me that i will find true love in the summer of 2011 and it will be a strong love he will love me very very much but I must remember to tell him when he makes me happy. I also should not tell him when I am unhappy. We will have two children, one girl and one boy and they will be very successful and get amazing jobs as long as I love them with my heart and not only my head. (I'm not sure what that means), continuing on I am very sleepless at night so i should drink some warm milk and have a biscuit at night and then go read a book so I will have a good and peaceful deep sleep. My job is ok but it makes me tired and sport is hard for me because I have weak ankles so I should be more careful. I should also eat more vegetables. So there you have it folks my life in a nutshell.
The adventures will have to continue on Monday as sat I work all day and then sunday I might be going to Haunted Hong Kong Disney.....oooooooohhhhhhhhh! Scary
And now some pictures.....

Oct 21, 2010

Day 1- Hong Kong Zoo

So I got up early today and went down to the Hong Kong Zoo. I took kind of a longer round about way to get to Central so I could take the Star Ferry and the topless bus to the peak tram, they're kind of two of my favorite things to take in HK. The zoo was pretty cool but kind of depressing at the same time because of all of the cages, although I wouldn't want to see some of those animals without some metal bars between us. The zoo was fun and I enjoyed walking around Hong Kong the park happens to be close to Soho so I went there and went to this wonderful Lebanese Restaurant for some food. mmmmmmmmm love that stuff! And now here are some pics...

Oct 20, 2010

hey all I suck at blogging

Ok so I'm a pretty crap blogger I haven't written anything in a while. So here's what's been going down. We had a Greek night at our house last Saturday was very fun, lots of people showed up and for once we ran out of food. I know, I know all the Greek peoples would be extremely disappointed in me that I couldn't keep up with all the people and feed them obscene amounts of food. I cooked for like three days though with an element, a toaster oven and a microwave so I think I should therefore automatically be off the hook. WE played some games and I even made a Greek Quiz which my mom and her friend Roula got 100% on (go figure) haha. All in all a good and very merry evening so that is just like how the Greeks would have probably done it!
I also went to Roula's house on monday where she feed me delicious treats like chicken caesar salad wraps and cantaloupe and dates!! MMMMMM... dates! Are they bad for you? I hope not cuz I had like four and they were deeeeelicious.....sooooooo probably bad for you! I went so that she could help me get started on getting my Greek passport which means EU passport and she could ring anyone that i might need in Greece because like they awful Greek that I am my language skills in the Greek department are super lacking. As it turns out I have all the papers I need (maybe) and she just rung up her friend in the Greek Embassy in Hong Kong (who just happens to be in charge of passports) and explained my situation and the lady said no problem but it's complicated so it might take 2 or 3 years. Ummmmm I think that's because the Greeks in Greece are probably having too many siestas and not enough work time or maybe their enjoying some Ouzo! anyways I'll go see her next week to find out the complicatedness of the situation.
Today I saw the movie Eat, Pray, Love and it inspired me to do some inner journey taking of my own. so right now I will be working on patience. I want everything to happen now; I want to travel, have money to travel, work in my field and help people, live on my own, have a boyfriend, lose weight and i want it all now. I guess that the best things in life are supposed to be the ones that take time to come so I will wait and in the meantime I will try to stop focusing on the things I want and don't have and start focusing on the things I can do right now to enjoy my life more. I need to give myself exciting reasons to get out of my bed and into this wonderful exotic country that I am in and also stop being such a selfish girl complaining and feeling sorry for myself. So here goes to a happier me and a more exciting me!
So that's really all I have planned for now but I should be blogging more now that i will have more excitement in my life and am trying to do more things. So until next time.........

Oct 13, 2010

Mmmmmmm Chocolate!

Sooooo my whole house smells wonderfully like chocolate! My brother's gf Monica has just recently opened her own business as a chocolatier. mmmmmmm yumminess! Also we had a fabulously wonderful Thanksgiving dinner here on Tuesday which miraculously was made in our very, very, VERY small kitchen. It was AWWWWWWWWESOME!!!
Later in the week (on Saturday) we will be hosting the by-annual Greek night at the Kostianos house! I have been making decorations, cooking food, and will be decorating my house and planning some wonderful games for everyone to play!!! I will be making greek meatballs, spanakopitas, dolmathes, greek salad, and some korembiedes for dessert!!
And that's my update for now, I'll let you know how the Greek night turns out!!

Oct 7, 2010

long time, I know....

so yeah it's been a while but honestly nothing new has happened! I'm still home bored to death and trying to find fun ways to pass the time. Things I have done over the past week and a bit:
- watched the rest of Without a Trace season 5
- made decorations for the upcoming Greek party
- Watched the first two Harry Potter movies (with the third installment happening tonite)
- thought of cool dinners to make at home and even spent some time searching the internet for interesting recipes
- made up games for the upcoming Greek night
- finished two books
- started a third book
Well yeah that's about it! Although tonite I did go to the movies...I saw "Grown Ups" for those of you considering watching it....DO IT!!!!! I enjoyed it!!!
I'm still waiting for the Dr's report tomorrow (hopefully) on what I should do next, hope it's something to make me well again sometime this century!!!!!!!!

Oct 1, 2010

National Day!!

So as I said yesterday today is a holiday for us!! HK National Day!!By mere coincidence today I ended up in TST to get my nails done but it just so happened as well that the entire district of TST was blocked off from vehicles for a National Day Celebration! The Victoria Harbor had fireworks to celebrate and oh what a celebration it was!! The fireworks went on for about 45 mins and the streets where overcrowded with people. I was walking back to the MTR station and leisurely enjoying the fireworks as I walked when I realized the big finale had started and pretty soon all those people in the streets would be crowding onto the trains as well. So I walked as fast as my short little legs would carry me to the train fortunately I made it there just as the crowd was making there way there and got on the train before the masses!!!
Other than that I pretty much just slept and tried to get over being sick! STILLLLLL!!!!!