Oct 7, 2010

long time, I know....

so yeah it's been a while but honestly nothing new has happened! I'm still home bored to death and trying to find fun ways to pass the time. Things I have done over the past week and a bit:
- watched the rest of Without a Trace season 5
- made decorations for the upcoming Greek party
- Watched the first two Harry Potter movies (with the third installment happening tonite)
- thought of cool dinners to make at home and even spent some time searching the internet for interesting recipes
- made up games for the upcoming Greek night
- finished two books
- started a third book
Well yeah that's about it! Although tonite I did go to the movies...I saw "Grown Ups" for those of you considering watching it....DO IT!!!!! I enjoyed it!!!
I'm still waiting for the Dr's report tomorrow (hopefully) on what I should do next, hope it's something to make me well again sometime this century!!!!!!!!

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