Oct 21, 2010

Day 1- Hong Kong Zoo

So I got up early today and went down to the Hong Kong Zoo. I took kind of a longer round about way to get to Central so I could take the Star Ferry and the topless bus to the peak tram, they're kind of two of my favorite things to take in HK. The zoo was pretty cool but kind of depressing at the same time because of all of the cages, although I wouldn't want to see some of those animals without some metal bars between us. The zoo was fun and I enjoyed walking around Hong Kong the park happens to be close to Soho so I went there and went to this wonderful Lebanese Restaurant for some food. mmmmmmmmm love that stuff! And now here are some pics...


  1. haha seems like all i'm doing is picking on you, but i dont mean to... your pics all say 2009.....

  2. oops guess i never set the camera right!! Ahhhhh