Sep 30, 2010

Another day and still coughing along!

Today was the end of my awesome 15/16 year old class and the start of a hell raising 3/4 year old class! Booo.... but alas that's how it goes! haha Also today was my friend Miko's birthday which i had to sit out for since I still am sick! This cough is giving no signs of leaving and I'm pretty sure my mother is going insane! So instead of partying it up with my friends I went to see Resident Evil 3D....action packed with no plot and a bit of man candy...I'd say all in all a great combination for a zombie flick!!! Funny enough for our theater's in HK we now have to buy our own 3D glasses as they don't give them out for free anymore...just one of the perks of all movies coming out being in 3D nowadays!!!! Good thing I thought to steal my glasses every time I went previously when they were still free! Oh wait! Maybe that's why they started charging......hmmmmm sorry bad!!! Anyways I am now back at home driving my mother batty as we try to continue our marathon of the second season of Fringe. 
Tomorrow is a holiday so I might go to Macau or I might just lock myself in my room away from civilization in order to stop the public from trying to kill me due to my stupid cough that seems to be coming from the depths of my chest!!! Asians aren't too fond of hacking guillos on trains and in public who may be carrying some form of SARS or other recently discovered disease!! We shall see what tomorrow will bring...till then.........

Sep 29, 2010

My first rant!

Well as promised I will give you my very first rant! It has to do with Hong Kong Fashion...namely saggy pants and man-leggings. I don't understand and probably never will understand how they came into fashion or how anyone thought they'd be nice to wear. I'm going to try to also upload a picture with my blog which is yet another first for me! Yay.... look at me go..... haha!
I had to go to HMV today so as I walked around Tsim Tsa tsui this is what I saw! Yes, i'm serious this is not just out of magazines...people really dress like this! I'm also sorry if any of you gentlemen are wearing leggings as you read this or i any of you ladies are wearing pants that look like you might have taken a big ol' dump in them, but of course this is just a rant and an no offence!

Sep 28, 2010

Finally on the mend!!!

So I suppose I picked a bad time to start a blog since my life is super duper boring right now. For the past two weeks I have been super sick and so after three doctors visits, three sick days at work, too many pills and syrups to count, and $1500 HKD, I am finally getting better.
Today I went back to work and had some fun with the kiddies in my class. We colored, read, and sang some far the favorites are Do- Re- Mi, and some odd chinese song with the chorus, "nobody,nobody but you". After class I did some assessments and a bunch of other boring stuff and now I am back at home getting ready to continue on in the tv series Fringe season 2. Pretty cool show so far, kinda creepy sometimes, but also funny. Anyways with my sickness fading my blogs should be getting better shortly.

Sep 26, 2010

September 26th, 2010

So this is my very first blog, I am the most horrible person at staying up to date with all my friends, so I figured that this blog might allow those near and far to know where I am and what I'm doing. I'll try to make it interesting but it'll probably consist of things i've done, random rants, and just anything that comes to mind at that moment in time.
Today I went to Mui Wo to this wonderful little Greek Restaurant on Silvermine Beach it was called China Beach and they had the best Greek food I have tasted in Hong Kong. We sat outside and watched the boats on the water and also the feeble people trying to learn how to kayak, pretty sure one girl was in the water more than she was in her kayak. Afterwards went to TST and walked around for a bit, found an awesome shop that sells all these party decorations for super, super cheap. Yeah, from now on my party's are gonna be the bomb!!!!