Sep 28, 2010

Finally on the mend!!!

So I suppose I picked a bad time to start a blog since my life is super duper boring right now. For the past two weeks I have been super sick and so after three doctors visits, three sick days at work, too many pills and syrups to count, and $1500 HKD, I am finally getting better.
Today I went back to work and had some fun with the kiddies in my class. We colored, read, and sang some far the favorites are Do- Re- Mi, and some odd chinese song with the chorus, "nobody,nobody but you". After class I did some assessments and a bunch of other boring stuff and now I am back at home getting ready to continue on in the tv series Fringe season 2. Pretty cool show so far, kinda creepy sometimes, but also funny. Anyways with my sickness fading my blogs should be getting better shortly.

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