Sep 29, 2010

My first rant!

Well as promised I will give you my very first rant! It has to do with Hong Kong Fashion...namely saggy pants and man-leggings. I don't understand and probably never will understand how they came into fashion or how anyone thought they'd be nice to wear. I'm going to try to also upload a picture with my blog which is yet another first for me! Yay.... look at me go..... haha!
I had to go to HMV today so as I walked around Tsim Tsa tsui this is what I saw! Yes, i'm serious this is not just out of magazines...people really dress like this! I'm also sorry if any of you gentlemen are wearing leggings as you read this or i any of you ladies are wearing pants that look like you might have taken a big ol' dump in them, but of course this is just a rant and an no offence!

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