Oct 20, 2010

hey all I suck at blogging

Ok so I'm a pretty crap blogger I haven't written anything in a while. So here's what's been going down. We had a Greek night at our house last Saturday was very fun, lots of people showed up and for once we ran out of food. I know, I know all the Greek peoples would be extremely disappointed in me that I couldn't keep up with all the people and feed them obscene amounts of food. I cooked for like three days though with an element, a toaster oven and a microwave so I think I should therefore automatically be off the hook. WE played some games and I even made a Greek Quiz which my mom and her friend Roula got 100% on (go figure) haha. All in all a good and very merry evening so that is just like how the Greeks would have probably done it!
I also went to Roula's house on monday where she feed me delicious treats like chicken caesar salad wraps and cantaloupe and dates!! MMMMMM... dates! Are they bad for you? I hope not cuz I had like four and they were deeeeelicious.....sooooooo probably bad for you! I went so that she could help me get started on getting my Greek passport which means EU passport and she could ring anyone that i might need in Greece because like they awful Greek that I am my language skills in the Greek department are super lacking. As it turns out I have all the papers I need (maybe) and she just rung up her friend in the Greek Embassy in Hong Kong (who just happens to be in charge of passports) and explained my situation and the lady said no problem but it's complicated so it might take 2 or 3 years. Ummmmm I think that's because the Greeks in Greece are probably having too many siestas and not enough work time or maybe their enjoying some Ouzo! anyways I'll go see her next week to find out the complicatedness of the situation.
Today I saw the movie Eat, Pray, Love and it inspired me to do some inner journey taking of my own. so right now I will be working on patience. I want everything to happen now; I want to travel, have money to travel, work in my field and help people, live on my own, have a boyfriend, lose weight and i want it all now. I guess that the best things in life are supposed to be the ones that take time to come so I will wait and in the meantime I will try to stop focusing on the things I want and don't have and start focusing on the things I can do right now to enjoy my life more. I need to give myself exciting reasons to get out of my bed and into this wonderful exotic country that I am in and also stop being such a selfish girl complaining and feeling sorry for myself. So here goes to a happier me and a more exciting me!
So that's really all I have planned for now but I should be blogging more now that i will have more excitement in my life and am trying to do more things. So until next time.........


  1. nice, sounds positive. as for the blog, the color scheme of the background and font color is hurtful to the eyes. pretty much the same color and I can barely read it... keep it up and add pictures!

  2. okay I finally read your blog, Laena! Sorry to have taken so long to do it. (I read it instead of marking 80 RSC Journals! I'm now in trouble-boohoo).
    Anyway, super interesting, and I'm glad you're looking on the "sunny side" of life!! YAY!!!!
    Looking forward to more stuff...Add pics!!

  3. I like the new layout. It's great that you felt inspired by this movie. So true, life is for LIVIN' right?!! I hope you stick to working on your goals and see results (not overnight - I like to think of a better way of thinking as 'where or what do I want to be in a years time'...I think that way you end up working towards that goal and having better success with results, rather than getting dissuaded with not having any results after a week or so and giving up.)