Oct 22, 2010

Day 2 Wong Tai Sin Temple

So today was the temple in Wong Tai Sin, it is massive and has all sorts of other buildings and gardens and stuff. There's a 9 dragon wall and a wishing garden and loads of temple buildings that I can't really remember the names of right now. I walked all through all the buildings and saw some cute little turtles and koy fish and it was beautiful and peaceful and they played some buddhist music all through the grounds. Then I went to a soothsayer, also known as a fortune teller or as the secretary at my work says an oracle. so having some Greek blood in me and feeling extremely sac-religious I am going to go with oracle, it sounds better to me. So here is what he said to me:
The oracle told me that i will find true love in the summer of 2011 and it will be a strong love he will love me very very much but I must remember to tell him when he makes me happy. I also should not tell him when I am unhappy. We will have two children, one girl and one boy and they will be very successful and get amazing jobs as long as I love them with my heart and not only my head. (I'm not sure what that means), continuing on I am very sleepless at night so i should drink some warm milk and have a biscuit at night and then go read a book so I will have a good and peaceful deep sleep. My job is ok but it makes me tired and sport is hard for me because I have weak ankles so I should be more careful. I should also eat more vegetables. So there you have it folks my life in a nutshell.
The adventures will have to continue on Monday as sat I work all day and then sunday I might be going to Haunted Hong Kong Disney.....oooooooohhhhhhhhh! Scary
And now some pictures.....

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