Oct 13, 2010

Mmmmmmm Chocolate!

Sooooo my whole house smells wonderfully like chocolate! My brother's gf Monica has just recently opened her own business as a chocolatier. mmmmmmm yumminess! Also we had a fabulously wonderful Thanksgiving dinner here on Tuesday which miraculously was made in our very, very, VERY small kitchen. It was AWWWWWWWWESOME!!!
Later in the week (on Saturday) we will be hosting the by-annual Greek night at the Kostianos house! I have been making decorations, cooking food, and will be decorating my house and planning some wonderful games for everyone to play!!! I will be making greek meatballs, spanakopitas, dolmathes, greek salad, and some korembiedes for dessert!!
And that's my update for now, I'll let you know how the Greek night turns out!!

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  1. Ho Yeh! Chocorates. Phew...such a relief they're all done now.