Oct 1, 2010

National Day!!

So as I said yesterday today is a holiday for us!! HK National Day!!By mere coincidence today I ended up in TST to get my nails done but it just so happened as well that the entire district of TST was blocked off from vehicles for a National Day Celebration! The Victoria Harbor had fireworks to celebrate and oh what a celebration it was!! The fireworks went on for about 45 mins and the streets where overcrowded with people. I was walking back to the MTR station and leisurely enjoying the fireworks as I walked when I realized the big finale had started and pretty soon all those people in the streets would be crowding onto the trains as well. So I walked as fast as my short little legs would carry me to the train fortunately I made it there just as the crowd was making there way there and got on the train before the masses!!!
Other than that I pretty much just slept and tried to get over being sick! STILLLLLL!!!!!

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