Mar 4, 2012

New excited...

Hey yo,
So I have just moved into a new flat on Feb. 15th its awesome and great but unfortunately I have no internet and I'm flat broke! The rent is a little high but once my cousin gets here it won't be so hard to get through. It has two bedrooms and an awesome balcony that i can close in if I want to. Plus it has a rooftop all to myself! The landlord has also been kind enough to throw in a washing machine and a propane cooker. Although the cooker really only has one heat...super frickin' hot!!!

I don't have any pictures of the rooftop yet but i also don't have any furniture on it either. On Saturday I will also be having a housewarming party so I will try to get some pictures up but it is hard with the no internet thing going on right now. Anyways I'm excited for Anne to come and we can do a lot more of the decorating together. For now it will just be simple and a bit bare...

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