Jul 9, 2013

So let's see what has happened in the past month...We are of course in post exams right now at school so a lot of farewells and meetings and ceremonies and such happening at school. I have a drama club at school as well and we had our performance on July 5th, so weeks were spend trying to get ready with students not showing up. In the end our whole performance changed and we went from doing a nice full length play to three short mostly improved plays that seemed more chaos than performance. Oh well Ce la vie! There was also as always the famous Canada Day celebration in Lan Kwai which proved to be a bit of a disappointment this year. There was hardly anyone in LKF and the booths weren't as much fun as usual and the people working the booths really didn't care if they did anything or not and most of the time weren't even at their booths. Plus during the day we had gone to Shek-O beach and had a lovely but long day in the sun. The beach was AWESOME! Danny knows a place that not too many people know about so it wasn't packed. Getting to Shek-O was pretty busy and hard to get on the bus but that was nothing compared to getting home. We had to wait for more than an hour in line to get on a mini bus to get to the MTR. Anne and I took a taxi from there to go home and change etc. But the rest of them just went straight to Central which made them even more exhausted. Then of course it was Danny's Birthday! Super fun and about 40-50 people showed up, which was way more goodie bags than what I had made but for those that came late I guess they missed out. Darts, Foosball, and beer pong all in once place, how can you go wrong! It was super fun and everyone had a great time. Which brings me pretty much up to date...going out for some dim sum with my co workers and English Panel Chair...mmm Dim Sum!

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