Apr 5, 2011

Life goes on....

So yeah not much has been going on lately, went to the MGMT
after party in Wanchai but it was way too busy to stay for long. Work has been pretty good, I'm working in two schools plus the tutoring center and help Warren with promotions on weds nights. All in all it's been pretty busy that way. I've also just paid for my ticket to Europe so from here on out no more spending money or doing anything as I have to save save save! My flight is from Hong Kong to Athens and back because the other ones were far too expensive. So far my trip will be ending on the 20th of September but I'm really hoping to book something else that will let me stay longer. Also coming up very soon is Bob Dylan, which should be pretty incredible.

Today is also a holiday for everyone because it's the Ching Mun Festival, this is a chance for everyone to go and sweep the graves of their lost ones. It's also a nice beautiful day outside for us to go to Zane's birthday BBQ. The BBQ was super fun, tons of people I haven't seen for ages and some great laughs and great food on a beautiful rooftop terrace. Zane got two birthday cakes, one was a blueberry cheesecake and the other was this extraordinary chocolate mousse professionally done by Monica herself.
Tomorrow is back to work and just going to try and take it easy until Bob Dylan.

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