Jun 8, 2011

Umm April, May and June where has the time gone???

Well yeah i've been slacking on my blog I know but I just haven't been feeling the writing mojo lately and so therefore no blogging. However, i am back and will be a bit more attentive from now on....hmmmm but where to start.... I guess I shall start in April after my last posting. So since the last post I did in fact go to Bob Dylan which was truly amazing! I have no idea how he could make it through a concert at his age with such charisma. His voice is still golden and I had a blast at the show.
So after Bob Dylan was just a lot more work, I was working at three schools with Typhoon Club and still working in the afternoons at Macmillan as well as doing the promotion for Warren on Weds nights so things have been pretty full. Ah but then Easter came and that was awesome! I went to Koh Samui for 10 days and got horribly burned but had an absolutely amazing time! My mom came with me for the first half and we had beach days and beach nights, chilled out and relaxed and did some shopping from the hawkers on the beach. We also went to some pretty fantastic restaurants. We went to one called the treehouse and it was literally up in the trees and had a phenomenal view, another night went to a restaurant called the Farmer and it was in a rice paddy field. My rice came wrapped in banana leaves and  each one was a different color, red, blue, green, and yellow. We also went to a place called the Cloud which has a great view of the main street in Samui and the most delicious food I have ever had. Plus the owner was super nice. the last half of my trip I spent with friends I had made online or in Samui itself. I spent most of my time with a girl from the UK named Anna but she was clearly on the prowl for a muscle bound Israeli man and by the looks of it she preferred he be bald as well. That was ok though I also met a girl from Russia, some guys from Ireland and the UK and a guy that i think was also Irish but lives in Oman. It was super fun and nice that I did some it on my own and still had fun. It's always a bit scary to be on your own with the possibility that you won't meet anyone to have a good time or talk with. I also me a lovely couple by the pool who are British but live in HK as well. 

We also went to the tiger show and the bird show which was pretty cool but still made me feel a bit sad for these animals, especially the tigers, they seemed like they were afraid of the trainers and it made me feel a bit sick in the pit of my stomach. There were quite a few other animals there too though.
he was one of my faves!! He's so cute!

a sea lion show!

a lot of exotic birds on me!

Most of May was taken up with working and with looking for a new job, both here and abroad. A lot of  resumes were sent out and very few interviews set in place. All the places in Europe want only EU citizens so that pretty much discounts me thanks to the magical workings of my wonderful father who just didn't think it important to register his children in Greece. So now it is an impossible pursuit to get my EU passport, I may try to take my stuff with me when I go to Greece and see if the consulate there can help me. Anyways after searching and interviewing I got a job offer at my mom's school in Kwun Tong, so that should be interesting next year. It does mean another year in Hong Kong but maybe I need it to figure things out I guess. I'd much rather be somewhere working with refugees or with the UN but I guess everything comes in time....I just hate waiting.

So now it is June and in the first week a lot has happened. I met this epically amazing man who left me after three days to continue his journey through China and Russia and back to the UK where he lives so that is pretty much that then! haha I have the knack!!! grrr i also just got this email from a company in Greece that might be willing to get me a Greek working Visa to work with their company but this comes on the same day that I have to sign the contract with the School in Hong Kong so I guess that also is a no go and my three times lucky curse is that I got an email from my Father saying that he won't be coming to Athens to see me and if I want to see him I will have to go to Skopelos except I will have neither the time nor the money to do so, so once again a no dice deal. I am on a roll here! I guess I didn't expect to be so disappointed but with that being the third crappy thing in a week I find my spirits to be rather in the dumps and that i am super emotional, even as I write this I feel like I could cry (I'm not though) So for the next 7 weeks it will just be saving money and working as much as possible to be able to do something and be able to live when I go away. I looked up tix to Skopelos from Athens (well Skiathos as there is no airport on Skopelos and it's about 221 Euros. A bit too pricey for me but I haven't quite decided what to do, i would like to see my Giagia in Greece before she passes and probably my father too as his health is really not so good so I will leave it for a few days and try to communicate with any family I have in Greece and see what I can come up with but I'm not sure there's no point if he doesn't even really want to see me. Anyways, major downer!!! haha 
I did just spend a couple days in Macau soaking up the sunshine and am hoping to do a lot more of that on my days off here in the future. It's super hot so I might as well take advantage of it and go to the beaches and do outdoor things. I also bought these cool cd's to help me learn Greek. The program is called Earworms and you learn basic phrases and words through music so we'll see how that goes. 
pool at the hard rock hotel in Macau!

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