Jul 24, 2011

Wow what a week!

Well my last few days in Hong Kong have been pretty chaotic! I have been out and about almost every single day since last Thursday. Trying to see everyone before I leave and o so many things before I go, not that I'm not coming back here. I'll start from the beginning. I moved to Tung Chung on the 10th for 10 days to see if I liked it and wanted to move there when I came back to HK. So for the first few days I went out quite often to meet the people that live in Tung Chung and I met some very nice people.Then of course there was the Thursday night pub crawl which is always a great time. Saturday night I went out with my friend Sophie before she went to Australia. Lots of other outing and then came back here on weds and have been packing and sorting and outing ever since. Friday night was spent in Tai Wai, Saturday night was with Tess and her boys... And Sunday (today) was sleep and pack my backpack but the back pack part didn't really happen. hahaha. So now all the fun begins as I race against time to try to pack it all in and get ready. Tomorrow pick up new visa and either go to immigration and do something or to Macau to validate it. Also have to make sure I have everything for the trip and pack up my room and actually think about what I should bring in one back pack for two months for essentially three different trips.
So my trip will go something like this:
 fly to Athens on the 28th of July and then try to find a place to stay then also find a way to get to Rethmynos on Crete for the 1st of August. Once I'm in Rethmynos I will work there for the month on a sea turtle conservation project until the 28th of August and then on the 29th I fly from Crete to Athens and Athens to Skiathos at which time I will take a boat over to Skopelos and visit with my family in Greece that I haven't seen for like 25 years. After that I will find a way to get to Thessaloniki and the people from the Macedonia project will come and pick me up. I will be working in Macedonia on an archeological dig from the 4th of September until the 18th of Sept and then make my way back to Athens to fly out on the 20th of September and then back to Hong Kong.
While I'm away I will hopefully be updating my blog more frequently to tell you all about what's a happening during my trip so check back here. Once I get settled in I'll know how frequently I'll have access to the internet so I can tell you more then. hopefully I'll squeeze in one more blog before I leave to tell you just how well all the packing went. lol

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