Jul 29, 2011

Second day and it was so amazing!!!

So today I met up with Nikolas and had the most amazing day! We went around Plakas and I saw the ancient agora,the temple of hephastios,the acropolis, the acropolis museum, temple of zeus, the roman ampitheatre, another ampitheatre, the olympic stadium, temple od dionysius, the greek parliament, the changing of the guards, and had some delicious amazing food. Also Nikolas usedto be part of the greek presidential guard and knew everything about all the places and he gave me so much info about everything. It truly was an epically amazing day, and definitely will be something I will remember forever.
Its only my second day in Greece but it still seems so unbelieveable that Im here. Its suchan amazing historical place and the beginning of democracy and political thought and civilization it seems weird that it should be in the economic ruin that its in. Tomorrow I was thinking of going to crete but I might stay in athens one more day and see the archeological museum tomorrow and go thw the sea side and visit some other districts in athens. It makes me a bit sad to see all these people speaki.g Greek and dancing and having this amazing sense of history and culture and realizing exactly what I missed out on by not having my father there. He didnt just break our family but he also took that part of him with him when he left. Everytime someone sees my name they say, "oh you are hellenas baby? Why you dont speak the langusge?" And I just say that I havent really used it for a while. But it seems embarassing that I didnt try harder to keep it now that Im here. Anyways its very late and I have to get up very early to figure out ferry tix and a new place to stay.

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