Jul 31, 2011

So today I got up really early and changed my ferry ticket, checked out of my hotel, and checked into the fivos hostel. The hostel room is very small but its clean and somehow I got a private bathroom for the same price that everyone who shares the floor bathroom has to pay so thats a bonus. The room is however on the fifth floor and there is no elevator so lots of excercise for me going up and down those stairs. I had to do it three times in like an hour trying to rearrange the ferry and get info. Plus my legs are killing me from the nine hours of walking I did yesterday, kind of more like hiking in flip flops to get to some of those places, lol. Another bonus of the hostel is free breakfast which I got this morning and I will get tomorrow morning so I guess even though its a bit more expensive than any other hostel 40€, but cheaper than crete) its kind of worth the money for all those little things. Anyways after I got comfortable I went out to buy some deoderant which took forever there were like no stores around with that kind of stuff. There was every other kind of store but that one. Then I went back and had to buy a card to get on the internet as there is no wifi at the new hostel. After that Nikolas came to pick me up and take me to the archeological museum. We took the metro there and got a tiropita on the way. When we got to the museum it was closing. Unfortunately everything seems to close early on saturday. So instead we went to thissos and had a cafe on the third floor balcony which has this amazing view of all the temples and ruins. After that we went to go pick up his car and drove by the seaside, and saw what Nikolas explained to be skiliathika bouzukia which means doggy night clubs (skilia is a dog and bouzuki is a greek musical instrument that gives greek music its distinctive sound) they call them this cause the singers are never very good and usually sound like whining dogs, then we got a souvlaki with fries in it (mmmmmmmmm) and then went to see the greek dancing open air show. The show was so cool and Im sure I took a million photos. They showcase different dances, costumes, and music from all over Greece. It was amazing and I was so glad we went. After the show we went to a local restaurant hidden away in athens where they serve your food on a piece of wax paper, not plates. We had tzatiki, kebabs, fries, and tomatoe and cucumber salad, Along with some house wine. After this went back to the seaside and Nikolas drove around the pier to point out important spots to me like the walls of Themisticles and where I would be going to get the ferry tomorrow. Which was very thoughtful and nice. Then went to a bar and sat on the third floor terrace overlooking the water and you could see the stadium, the acropolis all lit up, and the houses buikt on the hill, and just basically all the lights of athens. It was beautiful we hung out and talked and laughed and before we knew it, it was 4 am and I had to get uo early to get my ferry. So So back we drove to my hostel and said our goodbyes and I went to sleep pretty much as soon as my head hit the pillow. It was sad to think I might never see Nikolas again but maybe when I come back in September.
Got up early this morning to repack my bag, check out and be on my way to get on a ferry to Crete. Took the metro to Pireaus station and then gad to walj for like 20 mins to a Starbucks to get a delicious caramel espresso frappuccino and then continue on for 5 more minutes to what has to be the biggest boat I have ever seen. Yesterday when Nikolas said the boat is huge I didnt imagine this huge. Although i did sleep for most of the ride I did manage to explore a bit. And go outside to take some pictures. I went to find the bus stop to get to Matala in Massara and after walking about 3kms

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