Jul 26, 2011

And I'm off!

So this is my last day in Hong Kong, last night there was a little farewell get together at Red Bar in the IFC tower and then in Central. Twas a great night with some great friends and I was really surprised by the amount of people that did make it and who made it. At times like that you can really see who cares and who you might be friends with even after you leave a place. So today will be filled with me trying to put my mind at ease by unpacking and repacking my bag, going over the flight and details.  I also have to get some Euros to make sure i have some money with me when I arrive in Athens. I'm really nervous that i won't find a place to stay as it is a very busy season and most of the hostels I've looked at have been full up, but I guess we'll see how it goes. I'm very excited to see the acropolis and all the cool touristy things.

My flight is at 2 am on Thursday morning but I'm going to be at the airport tonite to check in and such. My flight will be in total about 14 hours, it's 8 hours and 45 mins to Doha and then another 4 hours and 40 minutes to Athens. 

So just to update...it is now 6pm and spent a lot of my day waiting and walking and looking. I had to go to the bank because I couldn't get the travel insurance online. So I get a number and I wait in line. The guy comes over to see why I'm there and says, "oh but you can do it through the ATM machine, no need to wait in line." So I go to the ATM machine and there is no option for my to buy insurance even though there is a huge sign right in front of me that says I should be able to. So back to the bank I go, the guy doesn't believe me so he goes to the aTM with me and confirms that I am not a useless moron. So we both go back to the bank but while I was gone my number has already been called so wait wait wait. Anyways 2 hours and 995HKD later I have travel insurance. Next I had to get Euros I asked the man at the bank what was their exchange rate and he says 11.3 I said ok and went to TST to get a better exchange rate as i had been told to not exchange my money at the bank. OMG I SHOULD HAVE EXCHANGED MY MONEY AT THE BANK!!!!! Everywhere was a lot worse but by the time I figured this out the bank was closed and I was going to wait until the airport to exchange it there but then thought what if it's even worse there? or worse closed by the time I get there? So I found the cheapest one at 11.63 and exchanged it there except they only had 100 Euro bills so that sucks. Anyways it took me like 4 hours to accomplish two things, but now I am home and almost all ready to go. i got some pretty cool stuff for my trip though so that I might not have to check it (fingers crossed).
towelette shampoo and conditioner and laundry soap

this is what I will be living out of for the next two months.

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