Jan 12, 2012

My christmas time fun

So December was a busy busy month. I taught and played games and did extra practice and study with my students. I played games with my classes and gave them chocolate and candy and sang Christmas carols. Then got ready to head back to the great north for a bit of Christmas family time. I left Hong Kong on the 16th and got into Canada also on the 16th. Immediately my mom,brother sister and I went to Washington for four days of Kostianos family fun. It was great to just be together and have fun by ourselves before the chaos and craziness of Christmas began. Once we got back it was like my feet never stopped moving. I had a pub night with friends, some dinners at Uncle Mel's house, a dinner at my sister's boyfriends family's house, and Christmas eve and morning at my sister's house. I got some amazing gifts this year as well. My brother got me and awesome spinner camera, my mom got me a beautiful fantastical coffee machine (Dolce Gusto), and my sister got me some much needed running shoes so I can get my fat ass in gear and live out my New Years Resolution. On our last night there we also had a wicked Karaoke night at the dodgiest pub ever!! So amazing and we even brought in my Grandma for the fun and for a beautiful rendition of Oh Little Town of Bethlehem.

Once we got back to HK tired and exhausted we slept for many many hours and prepared ourselves for the most amazing New Years Eve yet!! On a boat in the middle of the harbour with a perfect seat for the fireworks. It was so nice to be able to just hang out with family and friends without the pushing of crowds, over priced drinks, and drunken dorks with too much testosterone. It was a great night and packed with the maximum amount of people. I personally think it should become an annual event. After the boat trip we went to Xperience for some more bonding and fun times, unfortunately for me I was sick from the Canadian weather and didn't last too long.

After a few more days of sleep it was time to go back to work, luckily that didn't entail too much since it's exam time so only half days and sitting there watching the kids. I did still have the two upper forms so I was teaching sometimes but not too often. Which brings me to now. Last night I was a product tester for Philips and got paid $800 to test out blenders for an hour. Tonite I will be going to a Quiz night to try and win some more money.
Also I have been working for months on finding a place to live and Finally the time has come....I have found it and it is amazing!!! It's two bedrooms with a big beautiful balcony and a huge covered rooftop!! Pictures will definitely follow as soon as I get to move in. I will pick up the keys on the 7th and start my contract on the 15th of Feb. I am so very very excited. It will def be nice to have my own place for a bit until my super fun awesome cousin Annie-Bananie arrives in April. I also have my birthday party coming up on the 20th and a trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on the 24th of Jan. so I will write again soon.

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