Nov 14, 2011

My grreat band week!!

Sunday night I got to go and see one of the best bands ever! Two Gallants, they had an awesome show and played alot of their new songs as well which was pretty sweet. I also got to hear some of my favorites and the drummer was just awesome and a really nice guy as well. He definitely was one of the best drummers I've seen in ages though. Also playing that night was Noughts and exes which is a pretty great band that I will be seeing again this coming Saturday.

This also was my first time at Hidden Agenda which was a pretty sweet warehouse venue that the gov is threatening to shut down for some unknown weird reason. The venue was nice and big and great for live band shows. So many awesome bands have come to play at this venue so I'm glad I finally made it out there to see it. Especially since it might not be around that much longer...unless all those petitions actually do something.

Also earlier in the week on Weds. I got to go to a charity function at The Pawn, which is a historical heritage building. I think if I owned a bar I would want it to be sort of like this one, but without the ridiculous pricing. The first three bands were older gentlemen but still pretty good cover bands but the real treat of the night was Poubelle International. Such a great band!!
so i had a very band filled week of great music and great times with some pretty cool people.

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