Apr 17, 2015

Rough week but still going

Whoooweee it has been one hell of a week! First weeks back after holidays are always hard but this felt nearly impossible. It is currently Saturday morning at 9am and I am on the train and not in my bed.
The week started ok until I got an email for my schools drama club. Every year we enter an improv competition and this year we have to use an imaginary prop in our play. Ugh very difficult!  So the next four days were filled with me staying after school until 630 sometimes,  that's late when you start at 745 and wake up at 530. I also have recently developed some haters in my classroom, they have decided that having English classes in English is unfair and would prefer to have a local teacher  who can teach them in Cantonese. They have also decided to not do anything in my class and just give me bad attitude and death glares. It's only two, sometimes three, students but it's still saddening for me and it unnerves me on class.I also tried to give my class a practice paper since they have an exam on Monday,  and only two students did the paper. TWO!!! It also makes you question your teaching methods. Especially since in Hong Kong you are judged by how well your students do in the hkdse.
Added to that is that my cousin Anne is leaving, she's moving to London with her boyfriend. This sucks cuz that means all the rent and bills are now mine. Yikes!!  Also it's so hard to find a good roommate. Lol.
All in all the week is not so difficult now that I'm writing it down,  I think it's just more the tired effect. And as I said it's Saturday morning and I'm up. I'm on my way to teach English conversation classes at another school. Maybe this one will appreciate me more. Haha
So the school was a lower level school but the kids were fantastic,  a little bit shy at first but once they got into it they were great.
Hopefully the next week will be better. And my group wins an award  

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