Apr 12, 2015

Time to give in

So I have this weird holiday thing that I do. Holidays for me mean freedom, so I hate wearing a bra on holiday. I wear bandeaus and sports bras just no straps. It started a few years ago out of necessity one day as I had a burn on my shoulders and it caused great pain to put those straps on. Now I've just continued doing it every holiday. Well today I took that fated step to signify that holiday time was officially over and I put that bra back on. Oh how I will miss freedom, but summer is coming soon so I will just have to hold on until then.
Last night I went to my friend Dave's birthday, such an awesome guy and his wife is pretty amazing too. Everytime I get together with Ashley and Tiffany I laugh so hard. It's always nice to have people around that you can just let loose and be silly with. I have her in the picture I posted, she's playing her leg as a guitar.
I also spent the majority of yesterday writing a paper. I will be so happy when this PGDE is finally done.
So tomorrow I go back to work, early morning and lots of classes. Ugh back to the grindstone.

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