Aug 18, 2011

Aug. 9~18th

Aug. 9~16
Well alot has happened in the last few days...i had another morning survey which just about killed me, the combination of early morning, trudging through sinking sand, the sun and heat, and the fact that its 10 kms just wrecks me. The survey was really quite uneventful, we saw a few female adult turtle tracks which were unsuccesful attempts to lay, some hatchling tracks and all to the sea no disorientation, and then i stayed behind to replace some parts of a nest shade while everyone else went ahead to the last beach. On the last beach they found a new nest but unfortunately it was in a bad place so we were going have to relocate it. So after morning survey we went back to relax a bit and get ready for slide show and the relocation. The relocation was very intense and very cool. You have to dig down and then one by one you have to dig around the eggs, being very careful not to knock the eggs about as any movement inside the egg could cause the embryo to detach. It was actually a very intense procedure as in this particular nest there were 141 eggs that we have to dig around and mark and then carefully place in the crate and then transfer to the other nest. We have to dig a new nest but can only do this after we get all the eggs out of the old nest and measure it out for width length and depth. So after 2 1/2 hrs we finally finished but we were supposed to be at a restaurant to give a slide show presentation to the public about Archelon and what we are doing here. It was already 9:10 and we were supposed to be there at 9 luckily there was a nice Greek family there that were watching the relocation and offered us a ride to our car in the back of their truck. We had no time to change and ran from our car straight to Delfinias for the slide show. So dirty and covered insand and sweat and sea water we gave ourpresentation and did pretty well. The next night we spent making nest shades. nest shades are used beach mats that ppl donate to us once they're finished with them instead of chucking them out. We then take them and cut them in half, wire some bamboo to them and putthem up around nests in danger. A nestin danger could be from human interaction like too close to a bar,tavern, or restaurant. From animals like dogs, cats, and even falcons (which we have on oneof the beaches we walk). Or in danger from the sun if the turtles dont have enough shade they will dry out and die.
Two nights later i gave my first slide show presentation for the first time. I got a little tongue tied a few times but i think i did ok for the most part. On all the other days its been a lot of kiosk shifts where we just inform the public and sell certain items like necklaces, key rings, books etc....
I have gotten addicted to greek frappees they are so good. Ive also had to stay off the beach until my foot heals and have to wear socks and shoes which was a very weird sensation after living in flip flops for so long.
The people here have been so awesome and so much fun. Sarah, Abbey, and Hayley are three girls from Leeds University and I have had such a great time getting to know them and hanging out with them. Lucia is a girl from Argentina and makes mr laugh so hard, some days I try to practice a bit of Spanish with her which is pretty fun. Benji and Daniel are brothers from England but can speak fluent German and French as well and are just amazing guys they are so sweet. Angie is from Australia and is the project leader and even though she is runningthe whole camp all by herself she still finds time to be in true aussie form and a little bit of crazy party time. Irini is from Athens and is so funny and very patient with me when i was trying to practice my Greek. Lawrence is a guy from England and is the funniest guy ever but seriously lazy and crazy. Its also been a lot of fun meeting the people that work here. Alex is our pool boy and takes care of us at the pool. Kostas is the barman at Marineros and he is the cutest little guy ever and also is currently having a holiday romance with Sarah. Sifi is the hot barman at Hakuna Matata and he helps me perfect my greek and teaches me new words. Dimitri also works at Hakuna but he's very weird and creepy. Theres a lovely lady that works at a restaurant on the beach and is quite possibly the sweetest thing ever.

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