Aug 9, 2011

Updatingthe last few days...

August 4
Today was my first morning survey, Its a 10 km walk in the sand. We walk 5 kms down the beach from komos to kalimaki beach and we check the nests that have already been found and make sure they havent been tampered with. We look for turtle tracks of hatchlings to see if they made it to the sea and how many hatched and if there were any predators or human interference. The morning was actually pretty difficult for me, that walk in the deep sand just wrecked me and the heat made me into a melted mess. I am hoping that after a couple more times it will get easier. Im getting much better in the kiosk and talking to people. I actually feel like i have enough info to be able to talk about it with some sort of intelligence. So today was very long as i had to do two jobs almost back to back. After my kiosk shift we went down to watch the volleyball game again, had some coffee and just chilled until dinner.
August 5 to 8
Been really tired and my computer wasnt charging so i fell behind which is why i am doing the 5th to the 8th all together. In the last few days i went out with some of the girls visiting from the chania camp and rethymno camp, which was very interesting as i got to hear about whats going on in the other nesting beaches and what they've been doing. One of the girls spent some time working in the Athens rescue center last year and that seemed really interesting as well. I might come back next year and do that. Other than that its been slide shows, kiosk shifts, and a whole lotta beach and pool time.

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