Aug 24, 2011

Aug.19th to 24th

In the last few days I have had a brilliant time. I got to do an excavation of a nest which was really really cool and I got to see my very firts hatchling which I helped to the sea. An excavation happens about 10 days after the first hatching date. WE dig up the nest ad count the eggs to see how many hatched and what other things might have happened in the nest. Sometimes it can be very brutal. There were two public excavations that day so Angie and I did one and Benji and Abbey did the other. The nest I did had no dead hatchlings and maybe only about 20 or so at various development stages, and of course the one live one that I helped to the sea. Abbey and Benji's nest was not so easy they had 5 dead hatchlings about 30 at late development no live ones and about 6 pipped (when the hatchling is half out of the shell but didn't quite make it out.) It smells pretty bad and when you get a brutal one like that you just have to keep reminding yourself that its in the name of science.On Sunday we had a huge camp dinner that we went out to eat for and had a really great time together as half our camp was leaving today. Last night we had a big going away party for them and then a few of us went swimming in the sea at night which was really nice as it was a good temperature and calm for once. Matala is very windy so the sea usually has huge waves. Today was obviously not such a great day because of the people leaving, it was really sad to see everyone leaving and now I'm left on camp wondering what I'm going to do. It's weird how quickly you become attached to people but we did spend everyday and every minute together for the last month so I guess you get to know someone really well in a very short amount of time. Tonite I have slideshow at Delfinias on Kalimaki beach which is always a fun place to go and do the slideshow but it will be weird to do it without Benji since he was the only one I've ever done the slideshow with.
Ionly have 4 days left here at Camp Matala and I will be very sad to be leaving but excited for my next adventure. My computer charger cord broke on camp so updateing and such is a bit more difficult since I can't use my computer right now with no charge in it. When I go to Iraklion on Sunday I'll have to see if I can find one although i do kind of doubt it since Greece is not the most technologically advanced country. Anyways I'll try to update again before I leave....

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