Nov 3, 2010

Day 10 Kam Tsin Walled City

Today i called called into work but then when I showed up someone else was already there to teach the class! So instead I went to explore a walled city. I went far into the New Territories in Hong Kong and walked for a very long time to find this walled village and was unfortunately a bit disappointed. it was pretty small and not as impressive as I had envisioned but it was pretty cool to walk through it and think this used to all be walls and closed off and it's super old. I had walls that were hundreds of years old around me. I also got to see a papaya tree and a banana palm which was pretty sweet. The people around there also seemed like there was not a lot of Westerners that ventured out there as everyone was looking at me with dropped mouths and big eyes. One guy even almost went out into traffic cuz he was staring so hard at me and not looking at the road.

I also saw a super funny sign in the MTR station the other day so I thought I would post it now for your amusement.

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