Nov 3, 2010

Day 7 Halloween

Oh Halloween! What fun Halloween is; free candy, you get to dress up and be silly and its a reason to have a party and gather all your friends. For halloween I dressed up as Little Red Riding hood, I made the costume myself instead of buying from a store as I had no desire to look like a skank which is what the costumes look like nowadays. Well I didn't exactly make it ALL by myself, my mom had to help me haha! How pathetic am i? My mom and I also made her costume, she was a cake! It was awesome and my brother even helped us out with that one. For halloween I had a very busy night. My friend Nicole and I went to Tessa's house for a halloween party, then we went to the Fringe to the rooftop party to meet up with my mum, my brother, Monica and a bunch of other friends, then we went to Wanchai and went to Amazonia to finish the night off with a bit of a boogey! lol! All in all a very fun and eventful night!

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