Nov 8, 2010

Day 11 Fanling, Tai Wo, Tai Po Market

Fanling has the biggest Taoist Temple in Hong Kong, it was built in 1929 when devotees of Taoism fled from the Anti-Superstition Campaign in Guangzhou. It was HUGE! there was building after building after building to go into. There were so many burial buildings as well and also there is a wall with the entire Taoist scripture inscribed in it, its called the Tao Te Ching and it's kinda short actually. They also have a Vegetarian restaurant there that I might go back and try because the Vegetarian Restaurant at the Sitting Buddha on Lantau is awesome!!!
After that I went to Tai Wo And the first place I intended to go to was Fu shin Street to the market street which was first laid out in 1892. However, I got lost almost immediately because I went the wrong way. To be fair there were no signs to tell me where to go in the exit I went out of. This was of course a good thing though because I got to see more of Tai Wo and saw these cool shacky looking houses. Some of them were barely tall enough for someone to stand up in. Once I finally got to the market, the long way, I saw a lot of fruits, roots, vegetables, raw meat, live fish, toads, and some clothes. After the market street I went to the Man Mo Temple. A very cool temple but very small and very very very full of smoke from 5 different kinds of incense sticks and coils. Behind the temple is the town Earthgod shrine and finally I went to the Railway Museum. I'm not particularly into trains or the railway but the museum was there and so was I so I went on in. I'm pretty sure though that the only cool part of the museum was the entrance way. strangely though after being at the museum I did want to go ride a train on the railroad tracks. And now some photos of my day! Hoorah!!!!!

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