Nov 3, 2010

oops laziness set 5

Okay so day 5 of fun was a weds. I went to the Heritage Museum which I haven't been to in a really long time so it was mostly new and very interesting. I spent most of the day before work there. They had some exhibits that I wasn't allowed to take photos in, ironically one of them was a photo exhibit...haha but it was really interesting and gave me some ideas of some cool things i might be able to do with my own camera. They had a Chinese opera exhibit as well and you could superimpose your face on that of a chinese opera singer which was really fun, even the security guard came over to help me choose which characters I should be, we had quite a bit of fun.

We also went to a play from the revised shakespeare company doing the Entire Bible in 90 mins. It was very funny and the three guys were very talented. After the play I got the guy's autographs as they were standing there with markers in their hands. Then we went into Wanchai for ladies night as they have free drinks for ladies. I also saw a friend I hadn't seen out for a while so I stayed out for a bit with Steph and we had a great time despite me getting home a bit later than intended. lol!

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