Nov 3, 2010

Day 9 Greeks, dentists, and Philipino Americans...

So Monday was really busy! I went to the Greek Consulate in Hong kong to try to figure out how and if I could get a Greek Passport (which means EU passport) After much sorting through papers and reading and researching Irene let me know that it would be possible but I have to do a few things first in Canada so even though my trip is really short I will have to find some time to get my butt into the greek Consulate in Vancouver, and down to a police station as well for a Criminal Records Check. After this I went to the Dentist for a cleaning. I now feel as though i know why the Chinese have such bad teeth, my cleaning was quite literally 5-7 mins long. I was a bit disappointed as I love that fresh clean mouth feeling and the smoothness of your teeth when you first leave the dentists office and I did not get that this time! Boooo! After that I met up with my friend Emily to go for some Egyptian food at a place called Habibi, I would highly recommend it! Fantastic food and great service (mostly, we had a small problem with the bill) then we met up with another travel buddy named Brian who was born in New York but lives in Cebu sometimes and sometimes he lives in Las Vegas. He also just recently broke the Guiness World record for the most fireworks rocket lit at the same time or something, which was pretty cool. We had a lot of fun despite his "I'm super hot and rich" attitude. I'm pretty sure he told us about 8 or 9 times how he could get hot chicks anytime he wanted and how he has no problems picking up women. Hahahahahaha i love it when guys do that! I wonder if they realize it makes them look worse. anyways it was good fun and a long day.

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