Nov 23, 2010

Nan Lian Gardens and Chi Lin Nunnery

"Get thee to a nunnery!" haha anyways I did go to a nunnery in Hong Kong, more precisely Diamond Hill. First I went to the Nan Lian Gardens, there were amazing trees, flowers, rocks, waterfalls, etc. It was awesome! There was just so much stuff there to look at. The Coy fish were so huge and fat, obviously very well fed! lol! The gardens connect onto the Nunnery by way of a lotus pond terrace that you climb many stairs up to. Once you get into the nunnery they have the stupid no photos rule once again. I did however manage to sneak a few here and there, but unfortunately not the massive golden structures at the very end. They were huge and amazing!!! Anyways I did get photos and then I listened to a cute little old lady that wanted to explain all the facets of Buddhism to me. She was very sweet and then she gave me a bracelet that is supposed to bring me good luck, good fortune, and a nice man! I am never taking this bracelet off!!!! lol. Anyways that was my awesome day. Then I met my mum and we got manicures and pedicures at this wonderful little Filipino shop. After the mani/pedi we went out for dinner at Marouche which is a cool little Lebanese Restaurant, it was tasteeeeee!
And now......the photos!

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